MC2 Saint Barth’s mission is to enhance social and environmental responsibility in order to respond to the needs that increasingly emerge from the socio-economic scenario by focusing in decision-making processes, production, distribution and sales.

The environmental objective is aimed to energy saving, preferring the energy generation from renewable sources, the use of raw materials for recycling, both in the production of clothing and
packaging, and to waste disposal.


MC2 Saint Barth’s social purpose is based on the concept of fair profit and on the respect for people, their moral and economic dignity in order to live in harmony and moderation.

MC2 Saint Barth is carrying out initiatives in order to reduce the environmental and social impact of its productions.

Man swimshorts are at the MC2 Saint Barth’s core business and are made of 100% recycled polyester, both in light micro printed and solid colors version.

Together with the swim shorts customers will receive as a gift a green luggage tag made in 100% recycled plastic.

The Group aims to reduce the environmental impact by using 100% reclycled plastic bag in order to cover the products (not only swim shorts but the total production) before being shipped.
Also the hangtags and the strings which hold them are made in recycled fibers.

These are just a few of the small steps the company is
taking towards a more sustainable future, not only for us but also for
generations to come, with a commitment to get better every day.