Blue Navy Hooded Windbreaker for Man


Waterproof and padded jacket for man.
Windproof and water repellent winter model, removable hood, double front closure with zip and flap with snap fasteners, 3/4 height windproof collar, double inside and outside pockets. Design MC2 Saint Barth in collaboration with Olmes Carretti.

It is composed of three different layers:

EXTERNAL MEMBRANE: in printed stretch nylon that gives the outer part waterproof and windproof, while for the inside it absorbs moisture, ensuring a feeling of freshness.

INTERMEDIATE MEMBRANE: breathable which prevents external water from passing through so as to keep the interior dry.

INTERNAL MEMBRANE: Feather padding that protects from the cold.

COLOR: Exterior Blue Navy, Interior
Blue. COMPOSITION: 100% Nylon

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